Realm Royale

  • Developer: Heroic Leap Games
  • Genre: Battle royale
  • Version: Beta
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Official information

Release Date August 1, 2018
Developer Heroic Leap Games
Publisher Hi-Rez Studios
Genre Battle royale
Language English
System Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Version Beta


Realm Royale Review: Paladins Battle Royale

Realm Royale is a battle royale genre game, with a fantasy tinge game was coming out on June 5, 2018 for Windows PC, and August 1, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One. It is a spin-off of the hero shooter Paladins, where it originated as a game mode known as Paladins: Battlegrounds. As you parachute with your fellow-fighters in a war zone, the battle goes on until the last soldier/team standing. The map area shrinks over the time, making the opponents collide. And the outcome depends on both the arsenal you managed to collect and your personal combat skills. If you the fun of battle royales you need to download Realm Royale. 

When WarCraft meets Fortnite

What makes Realm Royale for PC and other gadgets stand out from other battle royale games is its admixture of fantasy elements and the introduction of five warrior classes. Realm Royale Review

Dressed in antique, pompous garments, as if they were borrowed from the Lord of the Rings movie set, the fighters are divided into the following types:

1) Warrior

The strongest and most imbalanced class. It's a source of a big controversy since a Warrior can heal allies, recover his own HP, slow down the enemies and absorb a lot of damage. That class easily survives solo and becomes a weapon of mass destruction, when supported by a team.

2) Mage

The walking combination of "dangerous/vulnerable". Mages can cast devastating fireballs and do effective splash attacking. Sadly, this class is notorious for low immunity to taking damage and a Mage is doomed, unless she's supported by a team or at least a Warrior as her guard escort.

3) Engineer

A crafty fellow, who can build a Turret or a Barricade, heal the team-mates with an HP-replenishing totem and protect himself with a metal shield. Engineer's trademark attack (or spell) is the Fire Bomb, which is almost as bad as a nuclear missile. Becomes an easy prey, if there's no one to cover his back.

4) Assassin

A sneaky spy and stealth ninja. Perfect for reconnaissance sabotages and tactical backdowns thanks to his Smoke Screen spell. Mostly helpless without a team, unless you've played as Assassin for hundreds and hundreds of hours.

5) Hunter

It's the biggest nuisance for the enemy when put in the right hands. Specializes in hit-and-run tactics mostly and the Withdraw spell gets him out of trouble safe and sound by giving him a huge backward leap. He's also good at spotting foes with her Flare ability and Proximity Mine can ruin a carefully planned assault.

Another unique feature that Realm Royale can be proud of is that there's no need to nose around the map for a vehicle or a mount. Every player can summon a horse any second and do a little joyriding to any point on the map.

However be warned: horse-summoning takes about 2 seconds and leaves you defenseless for that time. Moreover, you can't attack while galloping, which makes you a desirable target as well.

Another trap awaits you at the Forge - the building where you can, well.. forge better ammunition from the materials collected/received from frags. Everyone nearby will be alerted that someone's inside, doing the naughty biz. And the most delicious part is that you will be 100% ambushed, for both your life and the thingy you're crafting are valuable.

Our Realm Royale review did its best to warn you!

Dizzy tempo. Dizzy jumps. 

Items and weapons are hidden in special chests ranked by color - from white to orange etc. Unfortunately, it is the biggest flaw of the game, since chests with the deadliest death-tools will cost you real-life money. 

Hence the notorious pay-to-win tactic, which led to a serious dropdown in the RR's fan community lately.

Crazy gameplay dynamic - that's what will catch you off guard if you download Realm Royale for the first time. It never gets lethargic and since taking cover all the time isn't an option - breathtaking jumps are your go-to.

Realm Royale Screenshots

Controlling the game is simple, no matter is it Realm Royale PS4 or Realm Royale Windows 10 version. Think of it as a classic shooter.

The graphics itself look like a cartoon, decorations of which were made of playdough - the direct influence of Fortnite, perhaps. But the physics and movement animation are marvelous and such effects as gravity, lighting, smoke, particles etc. deserve an A mark. Especially lovable are the chickens, beaky faces of which are contorted with paranoid suspicion and the infinite existential horror.

Realm Royale Platforms

As for the platforms, Realm Royale supported - PC and consoles, including Realm Royale Xbox One version and Realm Royale PlayStation 4 are on the list. So far there's no mobile port and if you're searching for Realm Royale apk or Realm Royale for iPad - sadly they are non-existent. Is Realm Royale coming to Mac at some point? We don't know but hope so.

How to download and Install Realm Royale for PC? 

We recommend downloading Realm Royale from official stores. For Realm Royale PC version is Steam. We collect links for all official stores, where you can get the safe version of the game for your console. We prepared an instruction for Windows PC users.

After you have installed the Steam Client, created a Steam account and logged into it,  you can then activate your game. 

  • Log into Steam if you aren't already logged in. 
  • Choose 'Library' to see your list of games.
  • Choose the game you wish to install and click on it.
  • Choose 'Install' to install the game.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Choose 'Play' to play the game after installing.

Realm Royale lifehacks you can’t miss

A bit of gravy - tips & tricks!

Pick a class carefully

Every class is endowed with a certain passive ability. The Warrior regenerates HP, as we've mentioned, and the others get:

  • Assassin: +10% movement speed.
  • Hunter: +10% quicker at Swapping/Reloading.
  • Engineer: +5% Armor/second regeneration.
  • Mage: +30 Potion effect.

Besides every class requires a unique playstyle and strategizing. Choose the one that suits your personality.


You can unlock a load of cosmetics: skins, emotes, sprays if you earn enough Chicken Nuggets - the in-game currency.

This can be done by:

  • Completing the team elimination (1 Nugget).
  • Searching through the chests (up to 3 Nuggets).
  • Win the leading place in a match - 1st place = 10 Nuggets.

And so on.

With Nuggets you can buy Wandering Alchemist, Twilight Huntress, Obsidian Warhorse Mount, and other goodies.


You've been warned that crafting stuff in a Forge is life-threatening. But why can't you do the same to your opponents? Hit Tab (on PC) to open the map, head towards the nearest Forge, represented by an anvil icon, and lurk there.

Total disenchantment

If you collect a useless item, you can convert it into Shards, which can be later used at a Forge for producing something you'd like to have. The fancier the thingy you're crafting - the more Shards it costs. 120 Shards for a random Legendary Weapon, for example.

The best chests

Keep in mind that different chests contain different loot.

A round, bigger chest - the weaponry is inside no doubt.

A smaller, rectangular chest - it's full of potions.

This knowledge is especially helpful in the initial stages of a death-match, since grabbing a gun sooner than your opponent is critical.


The game has seen a decline in players due to its unwise microtransactions strategy. And what's worse, there's no Realm Royale Mac version or Realm Royale for PS3.

However, it provides some legit fun. And skills do play a big role: landing precise headshots, correctly composing a team, increasing abilities and decreasing cool-down time through meticulous playing can make you victorious.

Therefore Realm Royale download is still worthwhile. 


  • Pay-to-win aspect
  • Too many traps
  • Class imbalance No Realm Royale Android version


  • Unique class system
  • Mounts available at will
  • Life-saving chance, when turning into a chicken
  • Fast, dynamic tempo Paladins Realm Royale free to download
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