About Realmroyalefull.com

Who doesn't have a blast, when blasting other people? Or even blasting chickens, affected by sheer paranoia and anxiety?
This is what Realm Royale is all about: carefree fun, dizzily high jumping, a ruthless struggle for survival and so many dangers. So many traps...

If World of WarCraft had a steady supply of illegal firearms, it would look exactly as Realm Royal. Due to its fantasy aesthetics and peculiar fighter classes:

  • Warrior - you are an unstoppable tank, ready to ram the concrete walls and take down dozens of adversaries with your bare hands. And their bullets can only scratch you - pathetic...
  • Assassin - lurking in shadows, sabotaging your enemies' plans and disappearing in a cloud of smoke is your favorite pastime. Welcome to the stealthiest class in the Realm.
  • Hunter - it suits you if you are hyped up about landing precise headshots from an ambush. Guess now we know who killed J. F. Kennedy.
  • Mage - creating hell on earth by casting a fireball gives you thrills and chills. Chills from fire, yes.
  • Engineer - perhaps you were the best in the metal shop class and creating Arduino-powered devices is your #1 hobby. Well, now instead of a makeshift calculator you can build a flesh-ripping turret.

Realm Royal is impatient. It is impatient to try your skills and your guts.

Are you ready to pick up the gauntlet?