13 DECEMBER, 2018 Update Description

Realm Royale Founding Forgers

Realm Royale enters a completely new phase of development when we move into a closed beta version and, ultimately, into an open beta version early next year. It was an exciting journey through Alpha, and we are so grateful to the players who made Realm Royale possible.
To mark this exciting next chapter in the history of the Realm Royale, we will give all players on PCs who play the Founding Forgers Title and Avatar before the Open Beta. They will be a sign of gratitude to the entire Heroic Leap Games' team for your dedication to making Realm Royale a great gaming experience which it is today.
With our recent movement to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we also want to thank our new console players that want to get involved! Players that purchase the Realm Royale Founder’s Pack on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will also receive the Founding Forgers Title and Avatar at a later date. We will retroactively give these items to all players who purchase the Founder’s Packs.
We can’t thank our players enough for all they have done in building and improving the Realm in 2018. We look forward to a great year of exciting announcements and features in 2019 and can’t wait to take this journey with you, our players. Thank you for being a part of Realm Royale’s history: let’s dive into an exciting future!
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