Realm Royale Player Base is growing again

Whet it released Realm Royale was an extremely popular game. At the first days, more than 100,000 players were online. It occupied first place on Twitch trends. But popularity has faded as quickly as it appeared. By the end of the summer, the number of online players was less than 5 thousand. Since then, there have been no more days when 5 or more thousand players played at the same time at Realm Royale. Until recently.

According to SteatSpy in mid-January, the number of online players exceeded 5,000 and continues to grow. Such a sharp growth in the popularity of Realm Royale is due to several factors:

1. The game had a lot of global improvements and a new season began.
2. Fortnite Season 7 is the longest season of all time and he is fed up with the order.
3. There is news that Realm Royale will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and maybe even on the Nintendo Switch.

We are pleased that the popularity of Realm Royal is growing because it is a really good game. We hope the release of Apex Legends will not affect it.

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