Realm Royale: The Next Frontier - Season 3

The new season of Realm royale called "The Next Frontier" started on March 27th and brought new tasks and items to the fans of the game. The new Battle Pass consists of 50 levels and costs 900 Crowns. The new season contains many stuff: mounts, chicken skins, character skins, sprays, visual effects and of course crowns. There are also changes in gameplay and game balance. For example, players get 20 XP for every minute they stay alive during the match.

Let's consider the main awards of the season:

Realm Royale Season 3 - Skins

Realm Royale Battle Pass items - Season 3

Realm Royale The New Frontier - Skins

Enjoy the Realm Royale - Battle Pass 3 - The New Frontier Trailer​:

For more details visit the Battle Pass website.

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